Hello I am Gerda Viszer, born in 1966 in Groningen.



My passion is drawing and painting, I do drawings from the age of four. 

No wallpaper, paper and notebooks were safe and became artworks under my eyes. Loved being busy with pencil and paper.

At MDGO, drawing was my favorite subject in addition to textiles, and in 1995, I followed the drawing and painting course at teacher training (NHL).

Here I learned the tricks of the trade. Among others, mixing paint, making compositions and model drawing.

When I was 47, I picked up painting again, followed Master Classes and painting classes, and started to get serious about painting.light, emotion, rhythm, movement and a strong licht and dark contrast is important in my work and have a predilection for textiles and patterns.

My subjects are landscapes (square-air), still lifes, porcelain, flowers, interiors and portraits.

Work with various materials such as charcoal, acrylic, Inks and oil paint.